asian fusion bbq

our asian fusion dishes are designed to be shared, we recommend four dishes for every two people

asian fusion bbq

small sharing plates

  • duck fried rice GF (B) $22.5

    lightly battered smoke duck thai fried rice with a side of our special sweet and sour sauce

  • kfp korean fried pork (B) $23.5

    wok fried gochujang flavored pork shoulder with onion

  • xo duck GF $31.5

    smoked then wok-fried crispy duck with xo sauce

  • chop chay korean glass noodles GF (B) $24

    a traditional korean glass noodle stir fry, wok fried with capsicum, shiitake mushroom and sesame seeds (choice of beef or vegetarian)

  • canton crispy prawns GF $20.5

    crispy battered prawns, wok fried with onion, capsicum and sichuan seasoning

  • takoyaki (B) (6pc) $19

    japanese round dumplings filled with octopus, pickled ginger, onion, topped with kewpie mayo and teriyaki sauce

  • lemongrass chicken wings GF (B) (4pc) $18

    juicy and crunchy chicken wings flavored with garlic, lemongrass, roasted peanuts and tamarind dipping sauce

  • hainanese chicken dumplings (B) (6pc) $19.5

    steamed hainanese chicken and herb dumplings sitting in a ginger and spring onion sauce

  • brisket & cheese dumplings (B) (6pc) $20.5

    deep fried smoked brisket and cheese

  • beef cheek massaman thai curry GF (B) $20.5

    low n slow bbq beef cheek, carrot and potato in a flavorful and mildly spiced thai curry

  • pork thai sausage $18.5

    the very popular herb packed juicy pork sai krok isaan sausage, house made and wood smoked low n slow

  • korean pork bulgogi loaded fries GF (B) $23.5

    fries loaded with pork bulgogi, kimchi and kewpie mayonnaise​

  • sichuan beef tataki GF $23.5

    a traditional raw japanese dish of thinly sliced marinated eye fillet with a sweet-sour and soy dressing and a kiss of sichuan seasoning

  • green papaya salad GF, VO (B) $19.5

    smashed unripe papaya, cherry tomatoes, snake green beans, roasted peanuts and the perfect mix of sweet sour and salty thai sauces

  • larb salmon GF (B) 33.5

    our twist on the traditional thai salad using fresh salmon, thai herbs and the perfect balance of sweet-sour and salty that results in a creamy refreshing salad

  • tom yum pork noodle salad GFO, VO (B) $20.5

    a flavour explosion of sweet sour and salty, grilled sliced pork, roasted peanuts and garlic, mild dried chilli, fresh bean sprouts and vermicelli

  • kids combo GF $23

    juicy and crunchy chicken wing, egg fried rice and bubble gum ice cream

  • or $21

    chicken burger with flame melted cheese and japanese mayo + choice of ANY low n slow barbecue side

    GF gluten free
    GFO gluten free option
    VO vegetarian option
    B bento lunchbox combo (12pm - 3pm Wednesday to Friday)

    low n slow bbq

    barbecue is best shared, as an example we would recommend three meats  and two sides for two people


    taking sweet moments to another level

    • mars bar spring rolls (5pcs ) $14

      house made mars bar deep fried spring roll5, served with lime sorbet

    • matcha tiramisu $14

      subtle coffee-flavoured italian mousse like dessert infused with green tea

    • candy floss ice cream sushi GF $14

      bubble gum ice cream wrapped in candy floss and freeze dried candy